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"DIEMECH" Ball Bearing or Plain Bearing type Die Sets are available in two Post or Four Posts in Cast Iron or All Steel material. Standard sizes and custom made sizes can be made available.

Request us for Catalogue which can be mailed.

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"DIEMECH" Ball Guide Bushes are equipped with selected ball bearings inserted in a spiral pattern which permits no two balls to operate in the same vertical plane. When assembled with guide posts and bushings of proper nominal diameter they provide a pre-load which in effect is a "rolling press fit".

Request us for Catalogue which can be mailed.

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"DIEMECH" Mould Bases is manufactured with experienced mould designers to accommodate the widest variety of injection moulding applications. It suits most plastics part requirements, simplifies mould design, increases mould making productivity, and still gives the moulder the most economical, high performance mould construction.


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